Website Building

We have a 4-step process:

  1. Decide (with our help if you wish) on what type of design you want us to pursue.
  2. Send us the content for the website.
  3. Build and Review, rinse and repeat until you are happy.
  4. Publish!

All our packages include:

  • A minimum of an hour of monthly updates and check-ups on the website
  • A minimum of an hour of free guidance monthly on how to add your own updates (Content Management)
  • Custom Design
  • Excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Fully comprehensive E-mail package
  • A full year of web hosting and domain name for a year
  • Image and/or Video Galleries
  • Online Enquiry Forms
  • Google Analytics (visitor statistics)
  • Expert technical support

Absolutely, all the data and work we create is completely yours. The artwork is all either custom made, ‘stock’ artwork or free artwork.

Hosting and Domain Name

  • *Unlimited Sub Domains
  • *Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • *Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • cPanel Access
  • *Unlimited FTP Accounts

*We set up a number of accounts for free, based on package purchased, you can set up unlimited as you need, or for a small fee we can do the service for you

The hosting service product-section will list what storage is included with each package.  The amount of storage for our website design packages are listed with each package.

We do not handle bandwidth the normal way.  We conditionally offer unlimited bandwidth to our customers.  We have separate hosting packages for extremely high-traffic websites and/or websites that have media downloads and/or streaming.  We do carefully monitor bandwidth consumption for security purposes.

Other Website Services

In our experience, social media used in the correct way IS an effective way to market. The real driving factor in the effectiveness of social media lies with the website owner who will ultimately determine the content on the website. Our bare-bones guide is as follows:

  • Well written original content
  • Content worth discussing and sharing
  • Regular release and updates of content
  • Quick and concise responses to discussion about your website / content
  • Time and patience
  • Sustained effort to reach out and network

The nature of the content of websites is also important in determining whether investing in a social media marketing campaign is useful.  For example, news-based or blog-based websites lend themselves well to social media as a form to announce the presence of a new article.  And in this situation you would probably want to invest more heavily in a social media campaign.  Whereas websites that are more static, such as a website that just advertises a single static product, it becomes more difficult to design a social media campaign around it.

Some of these points are purposely vague, because there are many techniques that are effective within each category.  We do offer consulting service to tailor specific plans for launching a new website, just contact us.  Also we do recommend reading this article.