Introduction to Website Security – How Do You Make a Website Secure?

How do you make a website secure?

There is no simple answer to this question. The most fundamental and powerful security tool is firewall. As it is, the concept is fairly simple, but the technology and theory behind it is fairly complex. The most basic understanding of firewall is that the software (or hardware) firewall has a set of pre-determined factors that determines if incoming data/connections are safe. If these factors are not met, then the firewall will prevent access.

How Do You Make a Website Secure

How Do You Make a Website Secure

Unless you have your own server in your home, firewall will be handled by your Hosting service. So, how do YOU make a website secure? You have to make sure to select a hosting service that is transparent about having security measures (such as firewall) in place.

We will introduce some other concepts to security that we will discuss more in-depth at a later date:

  1. If you are transmitting any sensitive data on your website – SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer)
  2. Setting higher file permissions, especially on sensitive files
  3. If you are hosting under Apache, you can password-protect files/directories using the .htaccess file
  4. Cloudflare
  5. and etc…


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