[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Walid Shoebat” company=”Shoebat.com”]Mosheh has been the Foundation’s webmaster for years now. From the beginning when we were a small presence to today, where we have more than 20k daily visitors. He has ensured our websites run fast, secure from malicious DDoS attacks, created backup solutions for us, setup our e-commerce solution, setup our donation solution, helps with consultation, helps manage ad campaigns, and takes care of daily maintenance for the website.[/testimonial_left]

[testimonial_right image_url=”” name=”Keith Davies” company=”Executive Director – RescueChristians.org”]We gave Mosheh creative freedom to re-design RescueChristians.org from the ground up. He truly optimized the website, created a clean and concise design and made massive improvements to the backend. Also he custom made us donation forms to help improve the smoothness of accepting Paypal donations. We are currently commissioning Mosheh to help connect a new set up social networks and e-mail campaigns directly to the website – we are 100% confident in his ability.[/testimonial_right]

[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Aviv Vana” company=”Cinematographer – AvivVana.com”]I worked hand-in-hand with Mosheh to create a website that would professionally display my cinematography work – and I am extremely happy with the results. He’s extremely professional and is solely focused on my full satisfaction. He always over delivers![/testimonial_left]

[testimonial_right image_url=”” name=”Dr. Joel Verstaendig” company=”Psychologist / Experienced Public Speaker – DrJoelVPsychology.com”]It was a pleasure working with Mosheh Ben Avraham and Mosheh Web Services. His ideas were excellent and he was patient answering my questions and concerns. Furthermore, he was personable, creative, and worked in a timely manner. I recommend his skills without any hesitation and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.[/testimonial_right]

[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Brett Wexler” company=”CEO Wexlearn – WexLearn.com”]I hired Mosheh on many different occasions. On top of creating and managing my website, he is always on call for when we need him. Wex-Learn is safe and confident working with Mosheh remotely. Not to mention he has a great insight on digital marketing.[/testimonial_left]

[testimonial_right image_url=”” name=”Sara Fefer” company=”Owner at Sara Fefer Photography – SaraFefer.com”]Moshe built a website for me and provided tutoring in order that I could edit it myself. I previously had no experience in web design or programming. He was very patient and available for any questions and gave me the tools to be able to solve technical issues on my own (which I didn’t think was possible). I highly recommend his computer programming skills as well as his personable manner of dealing with clients.[/testimonial_right]

[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Rabbi David Sterne” company=”Jewish Spiritual Books – JewishSpiritualBooks.com”]Our website, www.jewishspiritualbooks.com was built by Mosheh Ben Avraham, and we are very happy with it. Mosheh knows how to build a visually exciting website and equip it with whatever you need to get it going with social media and e-commerce! We definitely recommend requesting from Mosheh to do whatever you want in the area of building sites and e-commerce.[/testimonial_left]

[testimonial_right image_url=”” name=”Brian Williams” company=”Computer Programmer/Database Administrator at BHS Pharmacy – BHSPharmacy.com”]Our company has been more than pleased with our web page and hosting through Mosheh Web Services. Mosheh has been very helpful throughout our transition from our previous host, and our pricing is actually slightly less than we were paying before, while receiving better service and more features. I am a computer programmer by trade, but the attention to detail that Mosheh Web Services gives to their clients, allows me to focus on my primary work, rather than worrying about the web site. So far, there hasn’t been anything he was unable to do for us that we requested, and we continue to be impressed with the level of service and professionalism we receive from Mosheh Web Services![/testimonial_right]

[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Dr. Mordechai Kedar” company=”Middle East Insights – MordechaiKedar.com”]Not only did Mosheh put together an amazing website for me, but he helped put together a whole package to help manage my whole network of contacts. He set up an email broadcast system, Facebook page and twitter account and connected them into an easy-to-use system all updated from a single console. I have experienced a massive spike in people on-line interested in my content and I owe it to the knowledge that Mosheh brings.[/testimonial_left]

[testimonial_right image_url=”” name=”Pastor Keith D. Hardin” company=”Pastor and Webmaster, KZ8H / WQRQ700″]I have had the pleasure of working with Mosheh for around 4 months now. I have found him to be very refreshing in his attitude and willingness to help out in almost every situation that might arise. He is also not afraid to stay up late and keep pushing on major issues….I have been a manager in the IT industry for many years and I can honestly say that I have met very few people with his drive toward excellence. I would certainly recommend him and his services to anyone with absolutely no reservations at all. My only regret is not getting to meet someone with his expertise sooner!![/testimonial_right]

[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Lyn Leahz” company=”Author / VineOfLifeNews.com”]Mosheh moved our website, optimized it so it runs much faster, and helped us repeatedly resolve issues with our theme when we get stuck… We are very happy customers![/testimonial_left]

[testimonial_right image_url=”” name=”Eric Koster” company=”Kostech, La Jolla Computer Guy”]Mosheh web services has been a life saver for my company. He is readily available to answer all questions I may have, and is happy to give any suggestions he can offer to improve anywhere he sees fit. The best part is that he’s definitely half priced compared to all the other computer guys out there.[/testimonial_right]

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