Social Media as a Marketing Tool

It is almost gimmicky about how much people rave about the power of Social Media.

But after three years of working with networks that utilize social media – We are on board with the power of social media.

Like any other sort of form of advertising and SEO (search engine optimization) it is something that takes time and investment of effort, but utilizing social media can be effective.

It is important to point out potential flaws in using social media as a marketing tool. We will quote some information from a skeptic:

The latest best figures I can find show that the response (click-through) rates on display ads on the web are less than two in a thousand. This is ridiculously small. It is almost 10 times smaller than direct mail. And remember, with direct mail in order to interact you have to tear off a post card, find a pen, fill out a card, walk to the mailbox and drop it in. With display ads, all you need to do is move your finger.

How can it be that display ads are so ineffective? Simple. We all trained our eyes to ignore banners ten years ago. Just like we trained our eyes to ignore small space newspaper ads.

On the other hand, the google analytics on the websites we have managed in the past do not lie – people do seem to click. In addition, often social media works synergistically with mailing lists, blogs and other forms of content-creation.

You don’t have to take our word for it, we will point out a study:

Social Media Infographic

Social Media Infographic


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